Fuzzy Christmas memories…

Santa did good this year. Finn just learnt how to read so Santa left lots of hidden messages for him on Christmas day, including this one below…. which the Irishman thinks is an existential riddle. Santa was here. Or Was Santa here?

The kids had fun with the new WiiFit. The first gaming platform ever to make it through the doors of the Leahy Residence. Mario Kart was a winner, as was the sight of the Irishman and Sean twirling in time to some Rihanna song in a dance-off.

Santa thought the Irishman needed more variety in his shoe closet.

And look, a newspaper from the day of the Irishman’s birth! He read it at night gingerly and lamented all the investment opportunities lost…. If only my mother had bought me a few shares instead of a bloody silver rattle, he wailed!

Then it was off to Kaz & David’s for a cheerful Christmas lunch, as the stray Leahy Family is their official charity of the year.

Someone had the clever idea of organising a pinata wallop… which I don’t think is strictly an Aussie tradition, but went down a treat nevertheless…

Sean walloped the head off poor Frosty and I managed to catch the magic moment…. This is what memories are made of!

The little ones were quick to scoop up the loot with their paws…

Dylan had the time of her life as it was the first Christmas she could properly remember.


This was our 9th Christmas together and the best one yet, with all the kids at an age where they could run about and entertain themselves….

… while the adults dealt with the grown-up business of making merry and keeping the wine glasses replenished!

One thought on “Fuzzy Christmas memories…

  1. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! Will come & visit soon with Finns bestie! xxx

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