Sunset Xmas eve bbq at Point Leo beach

Australia is such heaven. Where else can you find deserted beaches, just 5 minutes from civilisation, on Christmas eve?

The kids had fun running around and exploring the rockpools while the parents stoked the barbie on the deck of the Point Leo Boat Club. Finn learnt the Australian Method of Teaching Subtraction which involves plenty of cheezels.

And the weather was perfect, just cool enough for a cotton sweater but warm enough for running kids.


The kids were so excited about Santa’s arrival, once the sun had set they started whooping and screaming “Santa’s on his way” with such terrible delight. The Christmas spirit is well and truly here and what I’m most thankful for are the simple pleasures. Scrabble games. Family time. Silly jokes. The Irishman’s famous mashed potatoes. Building lego castles. Watching the lorikeets squabble with the cockatoos in the morning. The boys paying pranks on each other… An abundance of good memories to end of the glorious year that was 2011.

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