Our homegrown Christmas tree

Some weeks ago we commented to our neighbours that we needed to take a trip to Santa’s House (our local Christmas shop) to get a Christmas tree and their jaws dropped to the deck with a kerplunk. Why would you need to BUY a Christmas tree, they asked, eyeballs rolling to heaven. Our area is positively riddled with them you see. And because they aren’t an indigenous / protected species, they’re completely choppable.

So the Irishman ventured off to the bush at the back of our house with his trusty axe on his shoulder and came back with this huge, albeit rather spartan tree.

As you can see, it was just a little too tall to fit into the house so he ended up having to lop off the top 2 feet and christened it Finn’s mini-tree. And it sat jauntily on our dining table for awhile until I threw it away, putting it out of its scraggly misery.

Just wanted to show you how our very own organic sustainable tree looks like after we tarted it up with some tinsel and lights.

Merry Christmas everyone, we are having such a special time in Australia and I hope you’re having as much fun as we are.


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