Happy possums back on the farm….

We’re back in Oz after a nightmarish journey which incorporated elements such as a high fever, 2 hours on the tarmac, changing aircraft due to a engine failure and finally taking off at 4 a.m. in the morning with the two poor groggy tykes still asking “mama…. are we there yet” and of course the requisite “catburp” on the plane….


Anyhoo, we’re here now, and it’s just divine. The kids ran straight out of the house into the garden, and ran and ran, chewing up all that space, grass and fresh air. Then they proceeded to raid the orchard for fruit and came back with scrunched up faces after tasting the green apples and limes…


So far it’s been a whirlwind of catching up with friends and setting up house again. But there have been so many moments of pure joy. A long lunch with the girls at Merricks General Store, having tea with my friend Yolande while walking in the garden, kids chasing each other on the mini-tractor…..




Our neighbours popping over just to give us hugs, toasting marshmallows, the look on the kids faces when they discover their old toys, going down to Balnarring Village and bumping into 18 people that I know… the list just goes on….



And funny things like a phone call 8 p.m. today from our irrigation guy Ross who told me in fairly uncompromising terms to put on my wellies, grab a torchlight and go hunting for the power supply to the water pump that feeds the two spare tanks by the dam to rectify something which would otherwise result in major flooding or such. So I’m standing in my nightie freezing my arse off and searching for this elusive switch thingy (the Irishman is in Sydney on a business trip) with the curious foxes looking at me from the forest and it’s just doing my head in that 2 days ago I was in Singapore where you order the help around… unlike being over here where the hired help generally bosses you around while they stand around drinking tea!

Ahh the simple life, I did miss it.

4 thoughts on “Happy possums back on the farm….

  1. All that nocturnal activity is very good for the soul and self-sufficiency, Crystal, you know. It must be good being back in Australia. I don’t suppose your peacock is still in your garden? What about Milo – has he been to visit yet? When does Sean arrive? It’s some time since he has spent Christmas with you. I bet you’ll all have a great time. Pauline x

    • Hi Crystal. Great to see the kids are settling in! I’ve had the flu, so have stayed away, but would love to visit on the weekend if your around. Mark sent me a massage to let me know he was in Sydney & you had all arrived. Stef xxx

      • Hey Stef, we’d love to see you this weekend! Sunday is probably better. Call the house or sms my mobile to let me know when is good for you xxx,

    • Hi Pauline, Sean arrives 22nd December because his school ends quite late. No sign of Pooky so far. Milo is coming to visit tomorrow I think…. Hope the xmas parcel I sent you has arrived xxx

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