Dylan’s first ballet class

This enthusiastic mother enrolled her 2 year old in Baby Ballet Class only to find out that Dylan was far more interested in annoying the other perfectly primped girls by pulling the curtains, climbing the walls (literally, see below), pretending to be an elephant and taking the mickey out of the ballet teacher, “Miss Poo Poo Head”.

Actually I was quite relieved as I had thought all this frilly princess stuff that she’d been obsessed with recently had gone to her head.

It was good to find out she had part of my DNA after all. I distinctly recall my mother glaring daggers at me as the 4 year old me galloped around the hallowed Singapore Ballet Academy neighing and terrifying all the pretty little girls with my hybrid ninja-horse moves.

And my very favourite – Dylan’s elegant “leg up” stance….

That’s my girl!

4 thoughts on “Dylan’s first ballet class

  1. Hahahahaha I remember those ballet classes skipping around the room, whilst you galloped and your mum stood with the teacher saying “Why can’t you teach her how to skip? You must teach her to skip like the other girls” and the teacher saying “No, no, it’s ok, at least she is taking part when she wants to skip she will learn to skip”

  2. How cute is Dylan!!! it remembers me my long years as a ballerina in France and teaching the cutest litlle dolls , i was in charge of the “mini ballerina” group before leaving my hometown to study at university…

    • Oh my gosh! I think I just laughed so hard I wet myseft!… and then I cried!
      I love the leg lift! She is just awsome! xxx

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