A Bintan break…

The Irishman had a company offsite in Bintan and was rather keen on having me and the little ones go along with him. “Oh it’s a family thing!” he begged. “Everyone will have their kids there. I will be ever so lonely if you guys aren’t there!”. So off we trooped to the ferry terminal with our little monkey backpacks, angry birds stuffed toys and arm floats, and found 35 bankers with black Tumi luggage looking at us slightly curiously. Oh yes. We were the only family there. Thanks a lot Irishman!

Luckily the kids didn’t seem to mind. A beach is a beach. Even if it has bankers on it.

It was hard having to explain to the kids that they couldn’t go disturb Daddy on the other side of the beach because he was “working”. Finn said “But Daddy is NOT working! He is playing!”. I looked over and saw the Irishman strapped to two planks with 8 bankers frog marching up the beach and decided not to argue.

The little sand crabs make really interesting fractal-like patterns.


You call that work, Daddy??! Finn examines the raft that the Irishman had to build in a team exercise…

The villa was a little tacky, but the beach was nice. And it was only an hour on a ferry over to Bintan, so it made for a relatively painless family trip. Although now the kids are highly dubious about whether Daddy has a real job or spends all his time goating about on beaches when he says he has to go on trips….

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