In a mellow tone… remembering Washington

The traveling seems to have taken it’s toll. I got back off the plane in Sing and boom, I was down with mycoplasma – a type of pneumonia that is really hard to treat. Right now I’m on my second bout of antibiotics because the old drugs don’t work any more.

So my breakfast looks like this : 1 tab Avelox, 1 tab Romesec, 3 tabs Predisolone, 1 tab Telfast, 2 spoonfuls Actifed rounded off with 2 dramatic puffs of Symbicort! No yoghurt, no dairy, no tea, no coffee, no multi-vites, no sour, no spicy, no shellfish, no citrus, no tomatoes, no berries. I’m really struggling with what I’m supposed to put in my mouth! So far have subsisted on hot soups and rice porridge.

Can you tell I’m really missing the fresh air of the farm? I was just telling a friend that there’s nothing more luxurious than sleeping in complete silence of the countryside with the windows open just a crack to let in the eucalyptus scented night breezes. So good for the soul. And it’s even better when the Irishman gets up early to potter and presents you with a bouquet of flobby headed roses from the garden.

Thought I’d share some photos I took from my hotel room in Washington of the misty sky on a rainy day

Loved Washington, we had fun whizzing around from monument to monument on those lovely wide open promenades. Listening to jazz in the evening. Long dinners.



Shopping in vintage stores for hidden treasure. This was a store called Legendary Beast in Georgetown. Lots of great finds but you have to dig a bit.

Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane baubles.

Some of the stuff that made it home with me below. Couldn’t resist the critters! Some of them have moving parts like the articulated leopard. So cool. Vintage jewellery make great presents – easy to pack, unique and relatively speaking, inexpensive.

A beautiful 60s faceted briolette bracelet. The hand sculpture was a birthday present from my friend Nikki. I love it and try to stop the kids from smashing it about a hundred times a day.

I just hang whatever hand candy I’m wearing on the sculpture while I’m typing. Right now it’s holding a crazy turquoise and sapphire evil eye ring that the Irishman got me for my birthday.

That’s all for now folks, I’m off to refill my Camomile and Citron tea and try to stop coughing up a lung. Ta!

7 thoughts on “In a mellow tone… remembering Washington

  1. Sounds awful, that plasma thing, you poor thing. Hope withdrawal effects from the other goodies arent too bad. I am sitting here in my pyjamas on my friday off with a sweet little girl on my knee who doesnt have to go to kindergarten today cause I am here. She is all warm and smells sleepy and delicious. She just asked me “which girl do you mean mummy”.
    How I love my fridays, the day I catch up with everything, especially myself. Take care of yourself Crystal and send my love to Mark.
    Love Michelle

    • Hi Chelle! Yes mycoplasma is nasty stuff, very small and sticky bacteria that is somehow resistant to antibiotics too. Poor Finn is down with it now and was running a 40 degree temperature until I put him in a bath and remembered Pauline’s wet vinegar socks trick. My dad also told me that I should swab him with luke warm water, not ice cold water, when he’s having a fever because the ice cold water will induce shivers which will warm up the body again! All these tricks you learn as a mum…

  2. Sorry you’re not well, Crystal. I’m sure your Mum is supplying chicken soup and other local remedies?
    When is Mark back from Australia?
    LOL Pauline x

    • Thanks Christina! Pauline, Mark’s back on Sunday morning. He’s in Merricks now enjoying the fresh country air and kicking the mudbrick walls of the house to make sure they’re still holding up!

  3. I hope you’re all on the mend now, Crystal. Sounds horrible, I must say.
    How was everything in Merricks? Are all your safeguards working ok?
    After weeks of Gorgeous Indian Summer weather today brought a big change. There’s a howling gale and horizontal rain. Very dramatic
    John seems to be coming down with a wintry type bug…/throat. Industrial quantities of Strepsils always seem to make him feel better. He’s off to the UK for a couple of days.
    Sharon, Co and Ava will be here for our Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month. Ava is registered to run in the Dublin marathon – her 1st marathon. She is regularly running 22 miles. The mind – and everything else – boggles!
    John and I will be in Germany Oct 20 till Oct 26. My 1st major tasl on arrival will be to locate satellite tv. I’d hate to miss the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday. Rugby isn’t very big in Bavaria.
    Lots of love to everyone,
    Get well soon,
    Pauline xox

    • Today was the first day I felt human again. Off the antibiotics. Allowed to take my multivites and supplements again. Did a teeny bit of exercise. Dylan still has a little red hitler moustache as she is addicted to licking her raw upper lip after her cold. Bought her a strawberry lipbalm to try to encourage her to put cream on it. Hope you have fun in Germany!

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