Memorable bites in the big apple….

1.) Breakfast at Gramercy Park Terrace.

I was lucky to have this little greenhouse terrace on the top of my hotel. It was so pleasant to sit on the wicker sofas and read sheaves of newspapers with the indian summer sun warming my shoulders.

2.) This was the “Everything Bagel” from WD-50.

We managed to get a reservation for the same night that we arrived in NY so I dragged the bleary eyed Irishman downtown after the 18 hour flight to experience Wylie Dufresne’s insanely creative cooking.

We had smoked salmon threads and crispy cream cheese, foie-lafels (Mark said it was the most inspired thing he’d tasted in a while), Tai snapper with onion tart, quails with nasturtium yoghurt…. Heaven!

3.) This is a side dish of corn with cayenne, lime and grana padano.

I had this at the ABC Carpet Cafe after a vigorous shop for eclectic housewares. The name of the store is misleading – they have a carpet store but across the road they have the homeware and gift store which is a whole building of outre fashion, housewares, gifts, toys and knick knacks. There’s also a rooftop garden where the veg comes from and this dish was simple but full of good flavours.

4.) Soft boiled egg, onion crisps, caviar and pork jelly at Momofuku Ko

How great is Momofuku? It actually lived up to the hype. You have to register at their website and log on at precisely 10.00 a.m. on the dot to check reservations and all the reservations are gone in 2 minutes. Literally. Another great dinner with lots of charred Berkshire pork belly. Incredible.

5.) And my favourite – Shrimp and grits at Hundred Acres…

I had a casual post Soho shopping lunch here. It’s a very groovy spot to eat. Home-cooked unpretentious flavours. I saw Tom Colicchio from Top Chef at the next table having a meeting.
I’d never had grits before so this looked intriguing. The pretty waitress with an Afro told me that it was her absolute favourite dish so I ordered it.  I can still taste the flavours, the buttery mellow souffle-light grits, the piquant bouillabaisse style rouille, the savoury bite of the chilli inflected prawns… It was a bowl of Southern sunshine in New York. Absolutely lovely.

2 thoughts on “Memorable bites in the big apple….

    • Grits are like polenta, basically cornmeal simmered with lots of butter till it’s like very creamy mashed potatoes. Tastes a lot better than it sounds. And it’s not gritty at all!

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