Shaking our stuff at Bollywood Veggies

Who says Singapore doesn’t have any farms? We took a family trip to Bollywood Veggies, a 10 acre farm in Kranji (just about the size of our Merricks farm) just 20 minutes from our house.

The kids were delighted to get a dose of country life again and ran about the place checking out all the different kinds of fruit trees.

Dylan demanded some longans when she spotted the longan tree (check out that outstretched arm), and the Irishman “rescued” 2 longans from their little netting wrap.

Finn brought his bike of course. It’s not often that he gets to bring his bike out in Singapore, unlike in Australia where it resides in the SUV half the time, ready for a sojourn to a neighbouring vineyard or a friend’s country house.

We got some inspiration for what herbs to grow in our garden. I think we’ll start off with the basics;- basil, lime, curry leaf, dill, tarragon, coriander, chilli, mint. The basic flavour profiles in South-east Asian cooking.

And of course the Irishman took a photograph of me next to the mango tree. It wasn’t that long ago that Sean said “Mom, when you hug Daddy you look like a mango hanging off the tree”, and so I was christened “Mango” by the family for ever and ever.

It’s Sunday night family dinner and that means it’s time to start cooking since my family, the Lims, are coming over. And if you know anything about my family, you’d know that they could devour the entire contents of Bollywood Veggies over a weekend in a couple of curries and laksas. On the menu tonight – a Aussie country dinner of tea-rubbed rib-eye steak, the Irishman’s famous mashed potatoes and a Vietnamese salad. Nom nom nom!

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