Strategies for parents of the ipad generation…

Exhibit A….

Exhibit B


Exhibit C…

The prosecution rests its case!

Today Finn made me play the Angry Birds theme song on the piano in the living room as he repeatedly climbed on top of the couch and launched himself onto his 2 year old sister “piggy” who was cheerfully ensconced under a pile of pillows. There was much giggling of course until the inevitable howls when one of them got clobbered….

This is Dylan assuming the piggy position….

And then Finn rearranged all the furniture on the lawn to ward off the Zombies.

And before he went to bed, he placed his Pet Cactus (his new favouritest possession) strategically next to his pillow to protect his brains from any wandering ghouls (even though I warned him that this was NOT a very good place for a Pet Cactus).

I have since instructed my children that the iPad’s new name is now “CHINESE HOMEWORK” so that I won’t have to hide my head in embarrassment when the kids pester me for “IPAD IPAD IPAD”…

Instead, now my friends come over and hear little Finn and Dylan say “Mama, if I’m really good and eat up all my dinner, can I please have my CHINESE HOMEWORK?????” and they are awestruck by my fantastic skills as a parent and educator.

And now I shall leave you with Finn and Dylan’s favourite lullaby of the moment…. what else but Pomplamoose’s version of the Angry Birds theme song!

One thought on “Strategies for parents of the ipad generation…

  1. OMG! This made me laugh so hard. And you’re not alone in this war. My dad sneaks his iPhone to Gabby when I’m not looking.

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