Happy Birthday Bambi!

It was the Irishman’s birthday on Tuesday and he managed to make it back home for a quick birthday lunch before he flew off to Tokyo. The kids had lots of fun making his birthday presents which included a special credit card for kisses to put in his wallet…

And we had a grown-ups celebration a few nights before at Robuchon, his favourite french restaurant in HK. As a coincidence, our dessert came with a card that said MANGO underneath it – which happens to be the Irishman’s nickname for me, so it looked as if I’d done more planning than I actually did.

The next day, the kids saw the photo of the two of us that the restaurant kindly printed out and Finn asked why the restaurant had served Daddy a red baby crab on a plate and Dylan asked if Daddy was super scared by it…

Finn took this photo of us after we cut the cake and pronounced us happy and blurry parents. Pretty much spot on.

Big kisses to my love, the best husband and daddy one can imagine!


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