South Beach hazards….

Last week we had 7 solid days of sunshine and I made it to the beach 3 times in a week, I believe a new record for me. South Bay beach is surrounded by mountains and enjoys a stunning if incongrous view of Ocean Park’s rollercoaster and cable cars and the distant skyscrapers of downtown Hong Kong over the bay.

It also has a perfect little beach bar where one can order fish & chips and a bottle of rose while a DJ spins Buddha Bar-ish tracks from a tiny little outdoor console.

The only thing that clues you into the fact that you’re not in Miami is the slimy garbage in the water on weekends (probably muck offloaded from yachts). We spotted plasters, dog hair, slime and other unpleasant miscellany and jumped out of the water to have a cleansing shower. Remind me never to get into the sea on weekends.

That and the presence of a significant percentage of untoned white bodies in strange swimming costumes. Watch the video below to get the idea….

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