Rainy day diversions in Hong Kong…..

It has been raining for the past few days and Hong Kong can be a dreadful place for entertaining toddlers during bad weather. So far we have been keeping them occupied with stickers, new DVDs (Smurfs, Tom & Jerry and Tao Shu the Warrior Boy are current favourites), making a mess in the kitchen, water play in the bath and playing dress-up.

The kids were also delighted by the unexpected appearance of a window cleaner peering into our 41st story living room and were contented by waving at him for nearly half an hour.

Alas there is only so much one can do in a shoebox apartment in the rainy season so we have been venturing further afield, taking the airport express train conveniently located under our hotel, going to the science museum (fun but as crowded as a petri dish) and exploring the more sanitary of Hong Kong’s indoor playgrounds.

It was during one of our recent excursions to an indoor playground at The Jockey Club that Dylan discovered a new affection for, er, dancing around gigantic poles. Should I be worried?! We had to detach her from it mid-performance when she garnered quite a crowd of dodgy looking observers!

Not to mention I found a dollar bill stuck in her nappy when I changed it today! That’s it young lady, you’re officially grounded for the first time.

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