Only in Hong Kong….

Absolutely delectable dim sum…..

And absolutely nonsensical advertisements – my favourite is “Screwing Magic – by King Fook”…. I thought it was a joke until I saw their flagship jewellery store bedecked in the ads….

The walkways between skyscrapers filled with Fillipina maids having picnics on cardboard boxes on Sunday. Interesting to see the social hierarchy there – some of the groups had maids with laptops and ipads, some had built fortresses with cardboard boxes as walls and others were doing craftwork with beads and knitting.

I even saw a few enterprising ladies selling cardboard boxes where you could buy supplies to extend your cardboard empire.

Supermarkets stocked with legs of Jamon Iberico at US$160/100 grams, King Crabs from Alaska, muscat grapes from Japan, truffles from Tasmania, the list goes on…

Little ones drinking expresso…..

Scooting about in malls…

Incredibly atmospheric night races at Happy Valley – the locals are staring at the horses legs and the gweilos (foreigners) are staring at the girls behinds, and everyone shouting, cussing and whooping as if it’s the last night before a profanity ban.

More to come – the Peak Tram and Star Ferry ride….

One thought on “Only in Hong Kong….

  1. Sounds great, Crystal. The children look very happy. How is the climate?

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