A day at South Bay Beach

I got to catch some rays with my friend Inez today who is the life of every party, and also an incredibly successful and smart (and temporarily retired) fund manager and mom! She brought me and the kiddies to South Bay, this hidden gem of a beach on the southern side of Hong Kong island. The beach has a view of the huge Ocean Park behind it (you can see the roller coaster silhouette in the pic above) and is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

The water was so warm, it was like swimming in liquid chocolate.

On the other side, you can see skyscrapers in the distance. It’s 20 minutes from the city but feels like California to the Manhattan of Hong Kong’s Central district.

Dylan particularly enjoyed the fish & chips at the shack by the beach.

And Finn begged for a sip of Inez’s coke and then made like a fish and glug-glug-glugged it as fast as his cheeks could suck, cracking Inez up. Doesn’t she have a great laugh?

It was a really fun day and I’m glad to have good friends in Hong Kong to show me around.

2 thoughts on “A day at South Bay Beach

  1. All that warmth. I am wearing socks 2″ thick, boots, woollen polo neck, dress, woollen cardigan, thick coat, gloves, and I am still freezing my b*@# off. My toes haven’t warmed up all week and I’m taking multiple heat bags to bed.
    Geez I dunno why you left! xxx

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