Reporting from the glossy chaos of Hong Kong….

Yes we’re in Hong Kong, land of Dim Sum, antique junks, crocodiled overly-botoxed tai-tais and vertiginous skyscrapers! This is the view from our apartment at Four Seasons Place. It’s true, Hong Kong’s skyline really takes Manhattan’s and whoops its arse, knickers and all.

The kids could spend all day watching the world go by. Finn is particularly entranced by the construction sites, which look like miniature toy sets from our perch high up in the sky.

Four Seasons Place is on top of a gigantic shopping mall called IFC Mall, which has such huge smooth expanses of marble (you know you’re a mom when you look at a shopping mall and see micro-scooter potential for the kids instead of retail opportunities) that I immediately ran out and bought a scooter for Finn as we had forgotten to pack his.

It has been a pretty good investment so far as he’s been entertaining himself whizzing up and down past corridors lined with luxury boutiques, entrancing the salesgirls who run out with candies for him. In Singapore he’d have been tackled by security guards within 30 seconds but somehow in Hong Kong, no one bats an eyelid at a 4 year old raiding La Perla for the crinkly mylar-wrapped caramels by the cash register.

HK central is the land of the moneyed. You can just smell obscene amounts of it wafting about in the air. To get to our “local” supermarket, you have to walk past Tom Ford, Bulgari, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Zegna, Gucci and Rolex. And then the first thing you see when you enter the supermarket is a counter selling Jamon Iberico ham at US$160 per 100 grams. Everyone trawling the supermarket aisles seems to be a frazzled banker or a tourist despairing at the insane prices. We’re not on the Mornington Peninsula anymore Toto!

I raided Lane Crawford this afternoon as they were having a 40% sale and then got increasingly impatient by the tedium of physical shopping. I usually buy everything online and hate it when salesgirls spend ages wrapping things, making me fill out loyalty cards, pointing out the different free gifts and vouchers that I could accumulate and going through every single item in the bill. I’m always gritting my teeth thinking, I only have 20 more minutes till the end of the kids’ naptime and approximately 38 more things to do…

We spent lots of time at the hotel pool this weekend because it was searingly hot. It’s the height of summer now in HK.

I got Finn this ingenious little tummy and back float (imagine a girdle with foam padding at the front and back) and he’s really getting the hang of swimming. Here he is perfecting his little remora- fish-attached-to-Daddy’s-toes move…

So far the kids have been having an absolute blast discovering the delights of cosmopolitan life. Who would have thought they would adjust so well from the rolling green pastures of Merricks North to the glossy marbled malls of Hong Kong? Finn summed it up today succinctly – “Ma ma, Hong Kong is…. smoooth and Austrawilia is bumpy!”

2 thoughts on “Reporting from the glossy chaos of Hong Kong….

  1. Loved reading the latest from HK. None of the Asian branch of my family suffers from vertigo, I can see.
    Enjoy the rest of your visit. Love to all. Pauline x

  2. Nicely put, Finn. Love this post about Hong Kong. It’s a fascinating place — not one where I’d choose to live, but love to visit.

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