A temporary farewell to Merricks…

Finally! I’ve had some time to update the blog. So much has happened over the past couple of weeks with the move to Singapore that I’m still a little giddy from it all. I took the photo above on the morning which I left Australia. I normally get up extremely late (which is an inconceivable concept in the countryside where all my neighbours get up at the crack of dawn to mess about with their horses), and so I almost never see the sunrise. It was a gorgeous one that day, which only made the familiar melancholy of departure ache a bit more.

Pooky the peacock (if you look hard you will see him in the left hand side of the photo) strutted about the vineyard and I hoped that he would be there when we came back, although I’ve heard the wild peacocks tend to fly away in spring to chase peahen tailfeathers. Hope springs eternal.

Farewell lunch with the girls at Merricks General Store. Karen extricated a promise from me to update the blog regularly – I’m on the case Kaz! Miss all of you guys and the lovely wild autumnal mushrooms. I shall have to write something about the deep nature of country friendships etc when I’m feeling more poetic and less braindead….

I decided to fly back to Singapore by myself a week ahead of the family to set up the home while Mark and Nanny S dealt with the Australian side logistics. As one of my friends put it – once the men and children arrive they’ll be demanding to be fed every 3 hours, wandering about and trying to enlist you in their search for their ipods/stuffed animals/lamisil tubes and NOTHING WILL GET DONE….

It was a very wise decision and as soon as I landed I was swamped by the hundreds of mundane things that one needs to do when you’re setting up a new home with kids. 13 trips to Ikea (Oh no! I’ve forgotten the drawer liners! Curses- back to the Swedish Meatball Hell!), leaking toilets, dodgy aircon repairmen, a wine cellar that sounds as a Boeing with an engine problem, pest control guys, a wonky alarm system, the list goest on and on….

Meanwhile the Irishman did a great job bedding down the garden and putting the vegetable patch into hibernation, sorting out caretaking and security agreements for the country house and making sure the kids had proper farewells at their schools.

Finn had such a wonderful send off party at his schools (yes Tiger-ish Mom had him attending 2 schools in Australia) and came back with lovely souvenirs like photograph albums, art folios and this hanging photo thing made by his teachers to put in his new bedroom.

I was really glad to see all of the kids after 8 days of dealing with pungent and mostly demented workmen in Singapore. Sean immediately booked up his entire week with sleepovers at friends houses, Dylan was very interested in all the new rooms in the house and has given each of them eccentric names like “Mama Dancing Room” and “Daddy Hiding Room” and Finn is thrilled to bits with his new Ikea-endorsed room and has hung his photo chain prominently on his bed.

It’s all peaceful for now, and I can barely muster the strength to think of our upcoming “extended trip” to Hong Kong where Mark is starting work next week and is going to be based for his first month at the new job. Time for a well-deserved nap I think!

3 thoughts on “A temporary farewell to Merricks…

  1. Crystal – let me know if you’ll be in Hong Kong while Adam and I are there this coming week (21 – 26 June). Would so love to meet/see you if you are able to meet us. We’re staying at the Park Lane Hotel in Causeway Bay Ph: 852 2293 8888 – not sure of our room number yet but the booking is under ‘Christina Lew & Adam Franklin’. We leave on Tuesday night and arrive on Wednesday. Let me know

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