The world through Finn’s eyes

Finn has recently taken an interest in taking photographs. I suppose it was inevitable given how often he sees me stop everything to dash off and find the nearest camera and record something. So I taught him to use one of my little Panasonic Lumix GF-2s which I really dislike due to the idiotic touchscreen interface, but Finn just seemed to get instinctively. Very scary, watching a 4 year old navigate touchscreens effortlessly – I blame you Steve Jobs!

So he’s been wandering about the house, taking pictures of things, and I was really tickled to find all these wonderful photos on my memory card from all sorts of interesting perspectives and angles. It’s really cool for me to see how he sees the world, what things he’s interested in, how big, overwhelmingly big and funny the world must be….


* i love his little sock in the corner of the photo





* mama vacumning in the morning, glamorously

* mei mei sharing a joke with nanny S


* daddy tells me 2 more minutes and then we’ll go picking mushrooms….

This is Finn’s world, and I think its clear looking at these photos that it is one of wonder, curiosities and much love. I’m glad he’s shared it with me.



3 thoughts on “The world through Finn’s eyes

  1. So cute to see things from his perspective (and height). And a lovely way to get to know Finn better! Are you back in Singapore?

    • Not yet! I’m going later this week by myself to set up house and the whole family will follow on 2nd June…

  2. I love Finn’s photos.One of these days I’ll learn how to do something similar! Good luck with the house preparations. Pauline x

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