We have some news….

Yes it’s true. We’re moving back to the bright-lights-big-city of Singapore in June. The Irishman has accepted a pretty exciting opportunity and I’ll be starting up a business as well (more on that to come), so it’s going to be a great adventure for us.

That video above is Finn’s favourite youtube clip, a time-lapse of the Singapore lights. He used to watch this over and over again when we first moved to Australia and reminisce with baby nostalgia about his rides on the MRT, the vast highways and “oh! the tower cranes!”

It always used to make me misty-eyed at how strong a connection he seemed to have with his birthplace and when we told him the news, his eyes lit up with visions of the glowing metropolis of his childhood, but his first question was “Mama, can we keep the Australia farmhouse too?”

Well we are. So right now, I’m up to my ears in Logistics with a capital L. New schools, organising documents, spring-cleaning mounds and mounds of detritus, figuring out how to keep a 10 acre farm/vineyard going, organising renovation works for the house, while the Irishman has been on the phone all morning taking calls from friends, new colleagues and the press, and dare I say, basking a bit in all of the attention!

It’s all a bit crazy over here so I’m going to leave you with the press release – in the Irishman’s words, it’s good to be back.

9 thoughts on “We have some news….

  1. Friends ask me whether I am excited about the Leahys moving back ! Of course, you bet your a** I am !

  2. I can’t keep up with you Crystal! But it’s good to go back before kids start school and I can’t wait to hear about your business you clever thing. Heading to Hong Kong for 5 days in June for my birthday – will have to do Singapore another time – we also have friends who live there. You really have had an adventure!

  3. congratulations, sounds exciting however i will miss your blog and following your life in the country. will you continue blogging in singapore? are you looking at renting your gorgeous property and have someone caretake the vineyard. i would be interested if you would like to discuss. we live in melbourne, but are looking for a sea change. let me know. good luck with the new venture. natasha

    • Thanks Natasha, the blog will continue of course! We’re doing some renovations on the house but will keep your housesitting offer in mind 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m surprised — the Australian life looks fantastic and I thought you’d be staying awhile 🙂 Congratulations, Mark and family on the new appointment. Crystal, I can’t wait to find out what business you’ll be starting! I am very happy that the next time I visit Singapore (whenever that might be) I’ll be able to see you all again. Very cute to hear that Finn feels so connected to Singapore.

    • Thanks Jit! We hope you can visit soon. Betty sounds like she has colic. Perfectly normal, both my babies had it. It’s hell for 2 months but they do outgrow it. Something to do with an immature digestive system and lots of gas. Just make sure you space out her feeds by at last 3 hours and she’ll be right. xxx

  5. thanks for the reply crystal, please do keep us in mind, we would love it!!!

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