This week we celebrate Veraison and our passionfruit…

Veraison, or the ripening of berries, is one of my favourite words. We’ve had a successful harvest this year, mostly thanks to the hard work of the Irishman.

This week our biggest fruit crop is passionfruit. We have an entire hedge of these gorgeous fruit. I’ve never liked passionfruit before, but that’s probably because I had never tasted a properly sun-riped, homegrown one. It is honestly an elevating experience. Ours are intensely flavored, thickly redolent with layers of complex sweetness, tartness and crunch.

I like stirring it into my morning yoghurt, pouring over the orange flower and cardamom ice-cream from the local dairy, putting it on meringues or just digging into one and sharing a YUM-YUM moment with Dylan, my fellow passionfruit aficionado.

These are some more things from the veggie patch. Our heirloom Green Zebra tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and some “Popping Corn” that Mark grew and we have no idea what to do with. We tried popping it in a frying pan but it doesn’t seem to do anything and it is far too dry and hard to eat . They are pretty though, and at least Pooky the Peacock seems to appreciate them (when he’s not raiding our vineyard for grapes!)

Another benefit of having things to harvest is that sometimes when it all gets too much, it’s good to know that you can always kick the kids out of the house to play farmer. Finn loves picking fruit and will happily spend hours decimating the veggie patch. He’s holding some of our little chilli padis here which will later go into a spicy Pad Thai for dinner along with basil, mint, Tahitian limes and spring-onions from our veggie patch. Enough writing and time for cooking now!

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