Finnley & the Fire Engine…

Finn was absolutely thrilled today when the local fire engine and crew turned up to conduct an organised burn of an enormous pile of wood we had in our forest.

Now THAT’S what we call a bonfire!

Now that it’s Autumn and more importantly, now that we’ve picked the grapes, we can finally hold a huge bonfire. If we were to do it earlier, our grapes would have had a distinct Odeur du Charred Eucalyptus!

So much smoke, it all smelt spectacular. Burning gum trees is powerful, smoky, herbally clean smell. It makes you feel so alive.

The Irishman has really outdone himself clearing the forest. For one year he has been slashing, cutting and burning at the vicious dense undergrowth, removing brambles, spiky bushes and weeds so that now you can actually walk under all the trees in every direction. When I get a chance, I shall post a before and after.

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