Harvest time at Cable Car Estate

You know it’s harvest time when you notice the Irishman checking the weather 57 times a day, obsessing over the spectre of rain and having dribbly nightmares such as the following “ARRRGH… low sugar levels! sermmfhhh… zzzzz…..”.

This year was a particularly challenging year for grape growers on the Peninsula. Firstly we had the wettest winter for eons and it never stopped raining or got decently warm for any length of time during summer. Then we had a blight of fungus. Make that multiple blights. A surfeit of fungus! Errr, sounds vaguely gynecological… And once the nets were on, we couldn’t spray anymore so we just had to cross our fingers and hope for the best. It was either No Nets + Spraying = Bastardly Birds Take All, or Nets + No Spraying = Freaking Fungus Goes Mad.

It’s a blooming wonder we got any grapes at all! But in fact, we had a bumper crop this year in comparison to last year. Largely due to the Irishman’s valiant spraying efforts and the fact that we didn’t have a fricking clue what we were doing last year and this year we had a tiny smidgen of an idea. You can see how pathetic our grapes looked last year here

Look at our luscious Pinot Noir grapes this year, each bunch twice the size as the scraggly little midget bunches we had last year….

We had lots of help this year from the Irishman’s parents, Pauline and John, and the kids. Here are all the buckets lined up in a row.

John calculated that he could run to the local supermarket and buy the same amount of grapes for about 800 bucks thus saving us the hardship and martyrdom that running a micro vineyard entails. A highly pragmatic suggestion, but then what would the Irishman fret about? In any case I’d rather have him out spraying the grapes than playing Plants vs Zombies on the iPad on the sofa.

And since last year’s Clueless Vintage 2010 turned out to be a decent drop, there’s every chance that this year could be even more of a pleasure to drink and distribute to our friends. A votre sante! Or Gan Bei!

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