The Hungry Caterpillar Dress…

This is Dylan’s dress of the minute – a Hungry Caterpillar Dress which I bought off Etsy the minute that I knew I was preggers with a girl. It suits her personality so well, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “The Hungry Caterpillar Dress…

  1. Just gorgeous….I would have so loved to have had a little girl!

  2. Do you remember the etsy shop that did this dress. I love it. My hubby does not like the pillow case dresses and I am hoping to get my daughter something like this on Etsy for her birthday. SO cute. I googled caterpillar dress and found your site

    • Hi there, thanks for the kind words, the Hungry Caterpillar dress is from seller Sweetgrace at etsy. Perhaps you can contact her. Good luck!


  3. Love your caterpillar dresses. Do you have stockist or agents in Melbourne Australia. We are a store in Melbourne Australia, and are interested in this stock.
    Little 1s – Shop 314, 2 Main Street, Point Cook Vic 3030 Australia

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