The Red Hill Country Show – or how much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

Yay, it’s our favourite local event, the annual Red Hill Country Show. Home of thrilling woodchopping contests, town crier competitions, beasts of all kinds from great to little, and quite a few animals on display too!
Our first stop was the woodchopping finals. The stands were packed to the rafters and the audience was clearly made up of very spirited locals who screeched terms of endearments to their woodchopping heroes.

The guy above was the last to finish so all eyes were on him and when he made the final chop, the crowd went crazy and he received the loudest cheers of the day.

Want to know what it’s like to live with a 12 and a half year old?

Well, if you want nice photographs for the family album…..

…. the secret is the “Crop” tool in Photoshop! This was after 5 minutes of begging and threats from the Irishman to get said 12-year old pull his hoodie off his face and look at the camera. Nuff said. Dylan on the other hand, looks smashing!

As an aside, shortly after this photo, two old biddies came up to me and asked if I was a model, and part of the show. I was all “Ha ha, so cute. Never seen an Asian before!” and feeling all flattered until it occurred to me that all the models in the Red Hill show are livestock and carnies. That wiped off my smug smile pretty quickly.

Some of my fellow “models”….. A curly haired cow thing that looks suspiciously like one of my rugs….

Is it bad to think “You’d make a fabulous sofa!” when you’re looking at the animals? I was listening to one of the judges, a portly man with a garrulous manner, describe one of the entrants and he could have been speaking another language. “Oh but what beautiful progression! Firstly I was bowled over by the skeletal frame, but then the muscular structure has much to be said for it as well! The hocks and the rump show signs of world-class breeding… blah blah blah”… The Irishman said “I wonder how he talks about his wife…” which made me snort rather too loudly.

And now we come to the part which will surely thrill my mother-in-law – the ferrets! The highlight of every show for the kids….

The Ferret Lady (her self-imposed moniker, no really!) always puts on a display for the Victorian Ferrets Association. You get to see ferrets race down these long tunnels and pop out on the other side…

An apprehensive ferret….

The kids get to pop the ferret down one end…

And then race to the other end to see it pop out. Honestly, you’d think the ferrets would need therapy, the amount of squealing that those kids do!

And it’s especially humorous when you get a steaming warm autograph on your sleeve to take home…

More of my fellow models. This is the fattest hog I’ve ever seen….

And this chicken was clearly something, although he seemed underwhelmed by all the attention and spent most of his time picking his toenails neurotically. Much like the Irishman when watching the nine o clock news.

Of course no country fair is complete without bumper cars….

Or friendly neighbours!

Our neighbour Anne with one of the many prize-winning members of the family…

Hey, horses are very glam here on the Peninsula. This one is wearing OPI glitter nail polish which Dylan would kill for…

And the last thing we saw was the dirt bike stunt show. Which was awesome. These 3 dirt bike stuntmen jumped ramps and flew so high, above the tops of the trees seen below and miraculously survived to tell the tale. My camera managed to run out of battery life right after this shot so I couldn’t capture all the stunts.

Anyway, the best part of the show for me, was when the dirt bikers finished their stunts and whizzed around the perimeter of the arena to high-five all the spectators. I carried Finn up and he put his plump little hand out as far as he could reach and managed to high-five all the bikers, beside himself with amazement that he actually got to touch the hands of the gods themselves.

And then, long after the bikers called it a day and went home, my little man still had his hand stretched out hoping that he’d get to do it again. I gave him many Mommy high-fives and told him that the bikers were all done for the day. But all the way back, I could see one little hand sticking out of the side of the red stroller, waving in the air. Kids! It’s times like these that make all the stunts they pull worthwhile….

3 thoughts on “The Red Hill Country Show – or how much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

  1. Oh my goodness, I can imagine Finn’s joy!!!
    What a delightful fair for the children.

  2. Thank you Crystal for your wonderful blog! I feel like I was there xxxx

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