What we did this week….

The apples in the orchard burst into ruddy ripeness, making the kitchen counter look like a medieval still life.

So apple crumble is in order. I think Nigel Slater has the best recipe. Our babysitter Lilian also brought us gorgeous Black Russian tomatoes from her garden, which we ate momotaro style, chilled and sliced thinly with sea salt sprinkled over them. They were the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.

Dylan, for the second time, plucked a plump grazing bumblebee from a lavender bush and said “Bee bee!” while her horrified mother (Oui, Moi!) hurried over and rescued the squirming insect before it became a crispy toddler snack.

We visited two kid-friendly vineyards this weekend, Tucks Ridge (above) which had a sandpit and a stunning view of Montalto’s sculpture garden…

And Box Stallion, one of favourite Sunday brunch hangouts….

And we counted a record eighteen cockatoos in our garden. They made quite a din!

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