Life with Pooky….

Yes the resident peacock, Pooky (his latest moniker) is still here, he’s become very much part of the family now. He patrols round and round the house everyday, almost making me giddy everytime he marches past the study window. And his preferred activities are – playing with Finn’s tonka toys, flirting with the tee pee, catching grapes that I toss to him, falling asleep in the sun and antagonising our Jack Russell Terrier, Milo.

He’s been shedding quite a bit. I wonder if it’s seasonal? But the kids love picking his feathers up. This is Finn trying to catch one of his feathers.

I think I’ll make a hat with them someday or something. In the meantime I stick them in used candle jars on the dresser.

It’s such a fantastic coincidence that Pooky found us because I have always always adored peacocks. Just look at a small selection of my peacock themed things…

(Issa peacock dress, opera gloves that CJ bought me from an Adults shop in Far East Plaza, Nadinoo peacock top and MLH sequinned peacock dress)

Some peacock flip flops from Singapore.

And I just bought this outfit for Dylan a week before Pooky turned up! He sure knew which home to go to. I hope he stays!

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