Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong!

In case you need a good laugh, you have to check out these videos.

Vacuous UCLA student Alexandra Wallace posted an extremely offensive rant on the internet about Asians in the library talking and coined the infamous phrase “Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong”, and subsequently faced a backlash of tsunami proportions (the tsunami being another thing she references in her video). The funny part is that the Asian community has come back with some utterly hilarious responses to her video, two of which left me in stitches….

This is the original vid…

And of course the inevitable youtube song remix – the Ching Chong! song

And comedian David So’s response….

3 thoughts on “Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong!

    • Ohhhhh! I want the ching chong t-shirt! It’ll go with my Will Hung onesie . Interesting blog btw, I really liked the post on Dunbar’s number. That’s how we geeks roll. 🙂

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