Our latest houseguest – Pooky the Peacock

Say hi to Pooky, our wild peacock houseguest! He turned up on Finn’s birthday as a present from the universe, tapping at the front door. We didn’t think he’d stay, but he’s made himself quite at home. This morning he woke us up with his strange ratchety call – it sounds exactly like a mobile phone vibrating on a wooden table. Thakthakthakthak!!!! Extremely odd and highly unsettling. I woke up in the midst of dreaming that I was in a room full of angry phones….

Cocky likes to stalk about our garden and is extremely brave. Our gardener was operating a chainsaw a few metres from him and Cocky was not perturbed in the least but came over bobbing his head for a closer look.

Cocky also enjoys playing with the childrens outdoor toys, and is especially taken with the tee pee. He spent about 15 minutes talking to it and complimenting it on its upright posture.

He also climbs steps, as seen above. Today he patrolled the house endlessly and causing Finn and Dylan to squeal in glee whenever he tapped on the windows. He loves to startle Nanny S by appearing outside the front door whenever she’s about to go out. Actually it’s because he is enamored of his reflection in the doors and windows, doubtlessly proud as a peacock .

Milo is petrified of Cocky, and rightly so as they can be quite hostile to pets, though I’ve read that some peacocks are good with dogs and will boss them about. Just what Milo needs, yet another little boss!

I hope he stays around and we’ve put out extra seeds for him. He seems content picking at the grubs in the garden though. According to websites, they eat termites, ticks, worms, nuts and most importantly SNAKES and MICE!!! What a useful houseguest. Perhaps he read about the dead mice situation on the blog. Now if only we could stop him doing his Nokia phone imitation at 6.00 a.m. every morning….

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