Cable Car Estate – the label unveiled

That’s the label for our pinot noir. I did the artwork myself with watercolour paints on the dining table as the two little ones shrieked with disbelief “why does mama get to paint on the grownups table!”. While it was drying, I hid it underneath our sofa and finally presented it to the Irishman on Valentines Day.

His initial reaction was one of confusion as he had envisaged something with gold curlicues and flowery prose, rather than blotchy cartoon illustrations of multicoloured buntings. However, he’s grown rather fond of it. Particularly after being slapped about by all our friends who pointed out that his gold-leaf tastes were a little tacky considering that we are a ONE BARREL estate (300 bottles of wine) and that the buntings had a certain homegrown charm.

And here’s the back of the label….

I can’t wait to get the printed labels and slap them on the 300 bottles in the shed. Watch this space for updates…

3 thoughts on “Cable Car Estate – the label unveiled

  1. Great label. Unbelievable you guys made your own wine! What an adventure.

  2. I love the label, Crystal. Well done. See you b4 2 long. Pauline xox

  3. such a lovely and personal label…great job!!! why would you go for a classic golden flowery label too commun!!! thumbs up for creativity 😉

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