Dylan’s cool tricks…

I’m posting this video of 27-month-old Dylan’s incredible penmanship skills for Grandma Florence a.k.a. The Ministry of Education. She absolutely loves doing these tiny intricate squiggles and will entertain herself for ages with just a pencil and paper. (Dylan, not Grandma Florence who is much higher-maintenance!)

My boys never ever did this! Finn’s still using the Caveman Ooga Booga Spear grip for his pencils… Uh oh, Child Comparison Alert! This is for you ma….

p.s. mom, for added brownie points, Dylan is wearing those super ugly pyjamas that you bought her from the market. Mark put her in those to my chagrin although she has a whole wardrobe of organic linen pjs….

2 thoughts on “Dylan’s cool tricks…

  1. Wah ! Her PJs look so cute !!!!! And cheap too…no organic linen PJS can match Tiong Bahru market prices. After they are worn out, they make good cleaning rags too.

    Must say that I am impressed that Dylan has got good sit-down concentration span for a 2 year-old . And YES!!!! Her motor skills are advanced for her age…drawing circles is way higher up than scratching the whole paper with lines. You need concentration to make the two ends meet.

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