Bottling day for Cable Car Estate 2010 Pinot….

Today was bottling day for the 2010 harvest of our Pinot Noir grapes. The Irishman was tremendously excited as we have been dying to find out what our first wine would taste like after a year’s worth of suspense.

The bottling was done at Eldridge Estate as they are helping us make our wine. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I brought Finn down to marvel at the ingenious transformer-style all-in-one bottling factory/ truck/plant thingy. Yes that is its technical name.

I love this sign. In a transport emergency, dial 000, Police or Fire Bridgade OR your local Air Liquide Australia Limited Office. Well naturellement, of course everyone knows le number for zeir local Air Liquide office eh!

I always find factories fascinating. My favourite part of Sesame Street as a child was the little film mini-documentaries showing how pencils were made etc. There’s something about that cycle and routine that is very zen. Finn was transfixed too and wanted to press ALL the buttons on the machines. He came back home and immediately started pulling boxes off the shelves of the playroom and improvising his own wine factory….

More tempting buttons for Finn to press. He pleaded his case with Daddy piteously “But DAAAD, I know about cleaning my fire truck and how to work Mei’s bicycle and also how BABY’s SIPPY CUPS WORK! I can press the BUTTONS!!!!” I’m not quite sure how he arrived at that list of impressive credentials, but he was very sure that he was fully equipped to do whatever those guys were doing!

This was Finn’s favourite part – when Daddy put the bottles in the box, then slid the box through the sticky tape dispenser to seal it, then whoosh, the box rolled down the long slippy slide to the bottom where the forklift was waiting.

The bucolic Eldridge Estate….

Finn wonders why the driver on the tractor sign looks like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz….

In the trailer after a hard day’s work….

So the verdict on our 2010 Pinot? Well it needs to age for another 6 months in the bottle first, but my initial impressions of the bouquet are of blood orangey citrus notes, a heap of strawberries (unsurprisingly, it is a Pinot Noir) and a faint waft of eucalyptus smoke.

It is also surprisingly oily for a young wine (defined legs) and has an interesting finish that fades out and then comes back again. We’ll see what everyone else thinks. I’m just glad it’s quaffable given that we had just moved to Austalia and knew less than zero about winemaking when we harvested that batch of grapes.

You guys know what you’re getting for Christmas this year!

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