Gone to the birds…

We’re spending twice as much on birdseed as we are on dog food at the moment. At last count, we have plump little kookaburras, bright red rosellas, electric green lorikeets, grey doves, beautiful peach & gray galahs, white cockatoos, 2 flocks of wild ducks, magpies, and a very quirky swimming/fishing heron. The Irishman refuses to let me have a cat as our neighbours Anne & Rick have a huge lynx-like cat and zero birdlife on their property. They’re all hanging out at ours!

Every day we seem to have more squawking visitors staging gang fights over sunflower seeds, it’s really quite entertaining. Today, I watched a spectacular scrap between the lorikeets and the doves.

I’ve gotten so used the cacophony that it hardly registers at all, unlike our city guests, who are always rather alarmed by the shrill hooting of the kookaburras or the startlingly loud improbable POB-BLE-BONK of the pobblebonk frogs.

The sweetest thing about the birds is that some of them always turn up in pairs, like old married couples, sitting in the same place on their favourite branches, looking in the same direction. I imagine they’re probably having the same eternal conversations about the atrocious Melbourne weather, how hard it is to get a good meal these days and what the neighbours are up to. It’s a bird’s life really!

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