The Art of Glamping…

Everyone here seems to be obsessed with camping. Our neighbours regularly go on 8 hour-long car trips to exotic locations in the Australian wilderness to pitch tents and try to keep their children alive. Invariably, they come back rosy-cheeked, full of beans instead staggering around with possums in their hair and braided armpits, as I would imagine.

Recently Karen came back from a week of camping, brimming with cheerful tales of her two blonde munchkins romping in the bush. “But what’s there to DOOOO??!!” I yelp like a panicked 12-year old at the prospect of no wi-fi, electric rice cookers, boiling water taps or Apple TVs….

Apparently, according to The World of Karen, one reads novels, cooks, goes for walks, finds streams to wash in and prevents ones children from contracting Lyme disease. But that’s what I do at home! And with varying degrees of success I might add!

Anyhow. The Irishman is quite taken with the idea and perhaps we shall go camping one day. The only bit that appeals to me is the nerdy packing and planning bit. Oh how I love packing!

Is it cheating to camp in an Aman tent?

Or one of these more rustic tents at Paperbark Camp in NSW?

Perhaps we’ll have to get one of these Opera trailer thingies, though at US$40k, we’d better convert it into a guestroom – guess where you’re staying next time Mom and Pop!

*The Opera Suite

* Holy guacamole…

And of course, our camping trip wouldn’t be complete without a set of these!!

(Images from Aman-I-Khas Resort,,,14 and

5 thoughts on “The Art of Glamping…

  1. can you seriously buy those bbq tongy things the his and her ones,if so do you know where from?
    ps: love your blog

    • hi natasha, it’s a mystery where those tools are from! looks like they were homemade, although someone SHOULD start making them!
      thanks for the kind words!

  2. Wow the Opera is gorgeous … and completely over the top! Just buy a simple tent lah.

  3. Crystal I would happily go glamping, anytime. That Aman tent looks perfect. The good thing really is that kids are off being feral, and there’s nothing else for me to do. So I do nothing. That’s rare! But no wifi for a week was tough. Detox bigtime. Does the Aman tent have wifi? K xxx

    • urgh, i’ll gladly do any number of herbal tea and berry detoxes but the very thought of doing a tech cleanse leaves me feeling quite trembly!!

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