What do you call a picnic on a boat?

Last week we drove 170 km to pick up a boat from Sorrento. Well to be more precise, we drove 40 km to Sorrento to pick out a little boat, then the Irishman realised that he didn’t have a roof rack to transport said boat back home on. So we ended up driving 44.3 km from Sorrento to Mornington where the only Auto Parts shop on the Peninsula to stock roof racks was located. Then back to Sorrento for the boat, then back home.

Well! It’s a bit of an Irish joke isn’t it! (That’s the one where Irishman who, when asked for directions says: “Begorrah! If you want to get there you don’t want to start from here.”) Next time we’ll get the bloody roof rack FIRST! Well, actually now that we have a roof rack, that is a bit of a pointless statement.

Anyway, what better antidote to that spurious carbon-wasting frustration of an afternoon than a beautiful celebratory picnic on the dam with the kiddles? The kids were thrilled when we packed their toy picnic basket full of goodies and scurried down to the dam, trying to catch the last warm rays of the day…

Is there anything better than biting into a luscious peach, dribbling juice down your arm on a hot day? Dylan doesn’t think so!

We still can’t believe the dam is this full at the height of summer.

Finn turns out to be a surprisingly good rower! I, on the other hand, am absolutely hopeless and would go around in circles, tethered to the irrigation line miserably until I starve or someone saves me out of pity…

Nanny S took the photo below. The dam does look rather large here, it’s like we’re rowing down the Nile or something!

The kids enjoyed it so much they screamed like howler monkeys when we hauled them onshore. And little Dylan sang “Row row row your boat” in her cot to herself until she went to sleep that night.

*p.s. the answer is a boatnic, of course! – courtesy of Finn

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