A peek at our summer garden…

For Christmas, one of my presents to Mark was a set of 12 heart-shaped garden markers for our rose bushes. Unfortunately, the 2 little scamps managed to find the not-very-deviously-hidden stakes and looted them for their treasure chest booty.

So far I’ve only managed to recover 6 of them, thus only 6 of our rose varieties have been christened… the Papa Meilland, Peace Rose, Lorraine Lee, Mr. Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth and First Love.

Elsewhere in the courtyard garden, the poppies have gone to seed and Mark has been eagerly harvesting them… to plant them of course!! You dodgy people, tsk tsk!

Yes, the Irishman has been scattering his wild seed all around the dam, propagating the calla lilies, poppies, agapanthus* (*only within the bush though as he considers agapanthus a “suburban” weed, and thus not worth of the main garden)…

The lavender has gotten ridiculous and has been attracting droves of bees and butterflies….

The folk at Peninsula Honey have been too busy to deliver the promised hives to us and I wonder where these wild bees have been flying to…

In the meantime, plenty of lavender bouquets have been made. They’re great for placing on top of radiators to scent the room.

Found a sugar plum tree growing wild in the bush the other day too. Our orchard is also full of plums at the moment and I’m too tired to pick them. Maybe tomorrow.


Spot anything in the picture below?

Yes, skulking underneath the firepit, is a little Peter Rabbit who has come to visit Farmer Leahy’s cabbages! He’s so cute we didn’t have the heart to scare him off though.

Obviously we haven’t developed the hardened hearts of proper farmers yet, as my neighbours regularly employ professional assassins, I mean shooters, to dispatch and cart off wheelbarrows-worth of warm fuzzy bunnies… Although I did see a charming recipe in my Nigella Lawson cookbook the other day for Peter Rabbit in Farmer McGregor’s Salad…

Watch out little fluffy ones!

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