a sublime day at the coolart jazz fest

Last weekend we had the best time at the lovely, relaxed Coolart Jazz Fest, which advertises itself as “The Family Friendly festival on the Peninsula”.

The fest was held in the grounds of the historic Coolart Mansion where a multitude of little stalls had been set up offering face painting, strawberries & cream, wine, cinnamon-dusted beignets and other good things. And the best thing was that there was plenty of space and no long queues.

We were also pleasantly surprised to see a large contingent from the special needs community turn out. They seemed to be having the most fun of all. I watched, rapt, as a wheelchair-bound man twirled with a partner, smiling so hard it could break your heart.

And when Finn went to the ice-cream stall to get his treat, he started whooping “Ice-cream! Ice-cream!!” excitedly, and a middle-aged man with Downs Syndrome turned around and enthused “Yay! It’s so good isn’t it!”. I got misty-eyed when Mark told me that story.

The kids twirled about on the dancefloor, shimmying and shaking their nappies until it was time to go back. Mark declared it one of the best days ever. And now that it’s rainy and we’re in the middle of a freak weather system, it’s good to look back on the sunshine of just a few days ago and remember the good times.


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