the 2010 lists – movies and more

Top 5 movies I enjoyed watching

1) The Kids are Alright – right up my alley, a funny, indie-ish movie about what happens when the kids of a lesbian couple decide to find their birth father. Wonderful acting, Julian Moore, Mark Ruffalo & Annette Bening are perfectly cast.

2) Inception – thought this was entertaining and thought-provoking. Mark and I dissected the plot into sushi ribbons over the next few days. I still think Memento a better, tauter movie though.

3) The Town – Great acting from Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall. One of those rare movies that both Mark and I enjoyed equally due to equal portions of action and drama.

4) The Social Network – Mark chose this one on Date Night in the city and it was a fun, snarky, zeitgeisty romp.

5) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (swedish version)- Gritty and memorable.

Top 5 movies I watched on DVD/downloaded
1.) The 5 Obstructions – A masterpiece. 2 critically acclaimed arthouse directors have a face-off and this movie documents the result with a wonderfully wicked plot twist at the end. A joy to watch.

2.) The Sea Inside – Mark loved this. Javier Bardem is captivating as a paraplegic, paradoxically full of life but begging for euthanasia.

3.) Toy Story 3 – An odd one for me as I almost NEVER watch cartoons. But it was curiously affecting and full of big themes more relevant to adults than kids almost.

4.) Kick Ass – An old friend from Singapore said that I reminded him of the foul-mouthed prepubescent girl hero and told me to watch it. Not sure what he meant, but I greatly enjoyed this campy film noir flick.

5.) The Night of The Hunter – An old film starring Robert Mitchum. Recommended watching for one of my arts modules, it turned out to be so much more than I expected. A gorgeously stark black and white movie with a certain eerie charm.

Stay tuned for the next instalment – my favourite books read in 2010!

One thought on “the 2010 lists – movies and more

  1. “Inception” was the definitely the most memorable and pop culturally relevant movie of 2010. I have never heard of “The Five Obstructions” — will check it out!

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