Remembering 2010…

On New Year’s Eve, our friend Karen asked everyone to give a rating for how 2010 had been, just a quick, instinctive rating, no intellectualising allowed. The ladies seemed to be happier with their year than the men, most of them gave it 8-9. The men averaged 7-8. I gave 2010 a 9.

It was a great year for me – one that symbolised liberation and I’m proud of a lot of things that I achieved or got to experience. Even simple pleasures like re-learning how to drive for instance. In Singapore, we used to have a full-time chauffeur who drove us about. In fact, when buying new cars, I used to get straight into the back seat and assess it for comfort, bounce and the quality of the leather, much like a sofa on wheels.

But when we moved to the Mornington Peninsula, it was basically Drive or Die (of boredom).

So I got over my fear, and learnt to enjoy my time behind the wheel whether it be solitary daydreaming on my 1 hour weekday drives into the city, or driving Mark home from dinner, top down on a summer’s night, Stairway to Heaven playing on the radio, the ghostly strings verberating through the dusk as we wound our way home through the forest.

Other memorable things:

– Growing my own food – cherries, raspberries, tomatoes, asparagus, garlic, kale, lettuces… the list goes on…

– Learning how to prune roses.

– Learning to relax about hygiene – essential when Dylan roams about the veggie patch eating fruit encrusted with mud and Finn drinks from the dam…

– Savouring a romantic holiday in Italy but for the first time, missing the beauty and comforts of home

– Going back to school and taking creativity seriously – a humbling experience to be around so many talented and fearless young artists, dedicated to their work

– Visiting Venice for the first time, a surreal and enchanting experience

– Being connected to our community – for the first time, I feel “local” (even though some say it takes 10 years on the Peninsula to be a real local). Everyone seems to know everyone here, neighbours, shopkeepers, restauranteurs, vigerons, all part of a wonderful group of likeminded people, dedicated to enjoying and preserving life on the Peninsula.

– When we were away in Mount Buller, a tree fell down across our driveway and the next morning we got smses from our neighbour telling us it was down, our babysitter’s son, who came with a chainsaw to chop it up, and our plumber Ross, who happened to be driving past and decided to help cart it away. Amazing.

– Respecting nature – after witnessing freak storms, trees down, fences damaged, flooding, and 2 weeks when school was out because electrical damage from water….

– Seeing our children learn to run, jump and climb up things… 3 year old Finn got up on a surfboard yesterday when just a year ago he refused to climb down the stairs by himself…

– Many drunken bets with our neighbours… I’m not allowed to say anymore!

Cheers 2010, you’ve been a very good year for all of us. And a good night to all!


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