pop art ice cube sushi

Rainy day project with the kids – psychedelic ice-cube sushi! (Please pardon the terrible iPhone pic above.) It’s called ice-cube sushi because you use an ice-cube tray to make these. I find the silicone ones the easiest although you can definitely use the normal ones.




1) First you use an olive oil spray to mist the ice-cube tray lightly.

2) Then you pack the toppings into the tray.

3) Here I used omelette with a dash of vinegar and pork floss, salmon with togarashi spice and california style crab sticks, avocado and mayo.

4) Then pack the rice on top to fill up the cubes. You want them just below the surface, not overflowing. And get the kids to help tamp down the rice so that it’s nice and compact. A bowl of white rice vinegar & water to dip their hands into helps keep rice from sticking to their hands.

5) And when you’re ready to serve put the platter on top of the tray, invert the tray and give it a satisfying whack with something hard, and fingers crossed, everything should pop out beautifully!


We made this platter for dinner at Karen & David’s place. And here’s some top advice to non-Australians – when the locals invite you over and say “bring a plate”, this is not because they are running short of crockery. They actually mean “bring a plate FULL OF YUMMY THINGS ON TOP”.


Now I actually think this is some sort of inside Aussie joke so that everyone can gets to take this piss out of the embarrassed literal-minded newcomers who arrive at their doorstep bearing two pitifully empty Ikea dishes and are confronted by a smorgasbord of homecooked nibblies.

3 thoughts on “pop art ice cube sushi

  1. i’m still getting the hang of it Christina! Btw, my singlet came and it is so comfy! Thanks for the lovely gift tags and cards too, I love the graphics, very quaint….

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