The Annual Red Hill Country Fair

Summer on the Peninsula is bookended by the Red Hill Country Fair at its start and the Red Hill Country Show at its end. Last weekend we went to the Fair for the first time, mainly to support our neighbour Anne who was hosting the Charity Auction.

The fair is organised by parents and friends of the Red Hill Consolidated School. I think they did an amazing job, there was just so much to look at and to do..

I particularly liked the sumo wrestling… which the girls really got into as well

And the raffle was for a wheelbarrow of organic vegetables- so pretty! Dylan spent the whole time stroking the veggies and taking bites out of various things, so I was obliged to buy a stack of tickets…

Anne did a fantastic job, as did the auctioneers from Kay & Burton, Gowan and Andrew, who knew the names of most of the locals bidding and were experts at getting the crowd going…

I really coveted these beautiful Araucana chickens – they lay the prettiest dove blue-shelled eggs, but Mark hasn’t quite cleared out the chicken coop yet so I had to restrain myself. They were won for a mere $170!

Mark ended up with a long board to practise his dam-surfing on….

Oh well, I guess it’s for charity… We watched this Irish comedian on telly the other night and he was saying how you knew the world was going to the chickens when the Irish started turned up on ski slopes all decked out in head to toe Aldi… I think it’s a similar thing when the Irishman starts surfing… Updates soon!


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