Sean takes notes from a Masterchef…

Long story but somehow Sean and I found ourselves having drinks with Matt Preston, celebrity judge on MasterChef (who is something of the equivalent of Simon Cowell in Australia), at The Long Table in Redhill. How we got there was entirely due to our friend / neighbour Anne. And a whole lot of drinks. And two semi-comatose husbands who were minding 4 children under 6 years old between them.

Like I said, long story.

But the short of it was that Sean and Poppy (Anne’s daughter) got to meet their idol, whom they were actually watching on TV just before we left to meet him. Talk about surreal.

And I got to hear the funniest one-liners of the week from Sean and Poppy, who practically floated out of the door on fluffy little clouds after meeting Matt and interrogating him with rapid-fire questions on everything from his personal entourage to his favourite restaurants.

Poppy (aged 8 1/2 years, staggering out of the restaurant) : Oh My Fricking God, I can’t believe I met Matt Preston!!!!

Sean (aged 12, clutching heart) : No no…. I can’t believe I had a DEEP conversation with Matt Preston!!!!

I must say Matt was a class guy for having the unbelievable patience to tolerate all of us gatecrashing his quiet dinner!

Peace out Matt…

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