Of dam-surfing, veggie-planting, cabbages and kings

Mark had plans to replenish the veggie patch with new seedlings last week, but alas, the irrigation pump in the dam broke down. No rest for the wicked, or for those who live in the countryside!

So first we, I mean he, had to fix the pump, which is in the middle of our dam. But unfortunately our inflatable boat was ripped to shreds in a recent storm. So the Irishman came up with a far more novel plan.

First he borrowed a surfboard from our neighbour Tony…..

And set off for the dam…. (of course yours truly, realising just how ridiculous the Irishman looked, grabbed her camera and followed behind chortling…)

And like the tale of the Enormous turnip, Milo the dog decided to follow the wife who was following the Irishmen…. until he got distracted by his favourite friends….

that darn dog never gives up!

Alas, I have to inform you that the Irishman’s plan was a spectacular failure for instead of padding on the surfboard, valiantly to the heart of the dam, the Irishman put one tentative knee on the board and immediately sank to his neck quicker than you could choke with mirth…

And the happy ending to the tale was that he called PIPES, the Peninsula Irrigation Specialists, the next day to fix the pump, which was done effeciently albeit in a much less entertaining fashion.

So we were able to do some veggie planting today….

The Irishman showing the children the correct method of chicken wire fencery….

Dylan decided to chow down on a handful of Vietnamese mint that has taken over a corner of our veggie patch….

Finn deciding that he would rather play construction vehicles than plant boring strawberries….

That’s all this weekend!


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