wist-ful thinking

We have two types of wisteria covering the loggia – purple and white. This spring, the purple flowered first and then faded away when a sudden winter snap hit.

The white one came into full force a few weeks ago, and I mean, you have never really understood the meaning of “glorious profusion” until you wake up one morning to find mountaineous drifts of white wisteria flower-laden branches, gently cascading over every surface of the patio.

This is the thing about Spring, every gift that nature brings you evokes simultaneously, marvel as well as wistfulness because you know that it will not last. Flowers that will fade in three weeks and only come back in a year’s time.

The root words forming “Nostalgia” are “nostos” (returning home) and “algos” (pain or ache). It was a medical condition in the middle ages, a form of melancholy. I think it should be a proper medical condition now as well, though the limelight seems to be on Autism, Aspergers and ADHD.

To me, the beauty of living here in the countryside is your connection to the seasons. Each one ushers in a different pyschological or spiritual mood.

The lessons of Spring: Appreciating unexpected gifts. Opening yourself to the beauty around. Spring-cleaning, detoxing and decluttering. Learning to live in the moment instead of feeling regret or anxiety for future or past.

And with a later sunset with every passing day, there seems to be more time to spend on myself after the children are in bed.

Champagne sundowners again this evening? Got to go now… enjoy your week!


One thought on “wist-ful thinking

  1. Darling this is a little piece of Spring Heaven captured so beautifully by you my clever clever friend x x x

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