the mcDs come to visit…

Our irish-chinese friends, the mcDs from Singapore, visited us last weekend to enjoy the delights of spring in the Mornington Peninsula, and to inspect the cable car they sent us of course.
Yes, these are the guys who sent us our splendid gondola, which we are (at time of press) naming our wine after – Cable Car Estate. Mac-nifique non?

Say “Guiness!”

It was a delightful spring weekend, and we visited the Enchanted Maze at Arthurs Seat….

where Mark decided to mow the lawn…. (pavlovian response when he sees a mower)

the kids did much climbing….

and getting lost in mazes…..


Finn kissed yet another chicken…

And everyone ate far too much candy….

It wasn’t just the kids who had fun….

Finn taste tested Bulmers, Guiness and Coke…

Many races were held….

Including the Irish silly dance race….

And we drove around topless for the whole weekend….


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