Our profoundly stupid dog vs the wild ducks

This is our very silly dog Milo. Lately he has taken to disappearing for hours at a time and returning all wet and bedraggled, sometimes with mysterious scratches all over him. We decided to stalk him this weekend to discover his secret life, and purposely left the gate to his compound open….

After bolting out of the backyard, Milo headed straight down to the dam like a homing missile and we saw what he was after – the family of wild ducks bobbing about on the water…

Now these ducks are clearly used to Milo’s harebrained antics. We watched astounded as Milo repeatedly jumped into the dam and paddled furiously after Mama and Daddy Duck. (This is a dog who absolutely refused to go swimming in our 30 degree warm pool in Singapore)

But the ducks weren’t fazed in the slightest. The two young ducklings would roll their eyes at Milo and swim away to the safety of some long reeds, and Mama and Daddy Duck would then proceed to lead Milo about the dam on a wild goose (or duck) chase… splitting up to confuse him… flapping their wings to taunt him….

ignoring him….

and then, as the piece de resistance, Daddy Duck would lead Milo in the direction of a conveniently placed rope so that he would get tanged up in it….

and our profoundly retarded dog would proceed to get hopelessly tangled up in the rope and struggle whilst swimming in the same direction against the rope until we rescued him…

This happened (the rope-tangling) about 6 times when we were there, and every single time the ducks would titter and honk in derision as we bailed Milo out with a net. We tried everything – lifting the rope, shouting at him to swim in the opposite direction, trying to entice him to the opposite bank, but nothing works once he’s in a panic.

Suggestions or advice, people?

2 thoughts on “Our profoundly stupid dog vs the wild ducks

  1. we try to, but as you know, our house is grand central station and not a day goes by without the odd neighbour/plumber/gutters maintenance guy/logger/gardener/dam digger/septic tank expert dropping in and leaving said gate open!!!
    perhaps a large ball and chain around his titanium hind leg…

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