a stroll along merricks beach with my little man…

Finn has been obsessed with going to the beach. The whole winter he bugged me constantly and now that it’s spring, I finally had the courage to brave the blustery seaside winds.

So yesterday, on a whim, I plopped Finn in my car and drove the 5 minutes to Merricks Beach, a tranquil little spot with a view of Phillip Island.

Actually it was a lovely day.  I packed a spade for Finn, which kept him occupied for ages while I looked for interesting abalone shells and sea dollars.

Finn asked loads of questions about where the crabs were, what they ate, whether they had a kitchen to cook their food in and other pressing 3-year-old matters.

A basket is a Really Useful Thing to have in the countryside…

And of course, Finn decided to bring his fire engine, just in case any crabs needed rescuing…

We hung out till the sun started to set, then headed home in my car with the top down just to squeeze the last drops of goodness out from a perfect spring day.

It was good to hang out with my little guy…

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