postcards from the tropics

Hi there! We’re still on our two week singapore-bali-singapore pitstop, and it’s completely mental how much everything changes once you’ve been away for awhile.

My therapist once said that nothing changes but you, and maybe it is growing older but, for the first time in my life I have experienced nostalgia in the true OAP sense, sitting around in Bali in the restaurants that Mark and I used to go to 9 years ago, but instead of verdant paddy fields, the sullen facades of concrete villas.

Some classic things are always good though, the Nasi Campur Special at Mades Warung, sunset drinks at The Legian, Saturday night at Ku de Ta, so we did have some fun.

Mark and I have sat at nearly every table at this bar in the 9 years that we’ve been coming to Bali. One table is the place where we got the call from our real estate agent to tell us that our first house sold. Another is where we brought 3-month old Finn to for his first taste of lychee martinis…

In Melbourne, I step out of the door after assembling an artillery, scarves, coats, umbrella (NEVER be without one in Melbourne!), hat, keys, purse, socks, boots, bike helmet, bike (I love my cheapo blue bike with wicker basket), gloves… and the list goes on.

In Singapore (or Bali for that matter), it’s wallet, phone, sunscreen. and flip flops. Maids at home to open the door, Nanny packs the diaper bag and carries the kids to the car. Driver to ferries you around, too bloody hot to wear anything much, sorted. I do miss not taking half an hour to get out of the door…

The sunsets in Bali are short but spectacular.

This is Finn at the Sheehy’s house. He was so happy to see all his friends… and their toys!

Dylan decided to gear up for the Australian Idol auditions…

At Coco’s beautiful black & white bungalow. Huggies. Make mental note to find more friends for Finn on the Peninsula.

Finn & the Bean

All the 8-year olds in Singapore have iPhones. Seriously.

And so does Dylan now….

Mark hanging out with the kids. He just loves big noisy houses with tons of kids and chaos. Must be the Irish in him…

Back to the maelstrom of business meetings, lunches, playdates and long dinners with old friends, stocking up on japanese beauty products and random shopping, doctors appointments, swimming with the kids, gorging ourselves on local food, checking out what latest skyscrapers have sprouted up and all that other good stuff. It’s good to be back in Singapore again.

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