Something’s happening to my little girl….

Dylan’s suddenly transformed from a baby into a little girl over the past few weeks. It’s amazing really for Mark and I as we’re not used to little girls and Dylan is a real proper coquette with wily long eyelashed eye-batting, pouts and sudden bursts of emotion. Just like her daddy! I love how she lifts one little leg when she hugs Mark…

She’s never short of words, but she doesn’t need many really. Her looks say it all…

That’s MY daddy!

I’m a real country girl! Look at me climb up Daddy’s ride-on mower!

Ha! I own this thing!

But I also love hanging out with Mama in my bedroom and putting on lip balm and trying out the various unguents on the dressing table….

Mama painted my toenails cherry red for the first time to shut me up when I was howling from a nasty teething episode…

Now my toes match my strawberry buttons. That’s all!

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