If a tree falls in a forest on Father’s Day, does it make a sound?

Well this was an eventful Father’s Day. It started off benignly, I dragged myself out of bed at eight-thirty in the morning and made Mark breakfast in bed to reward him for always being such an excellent dad and husband who lets me sleep in till 10.30 every weekend and prevents the kids from imminent death and destruction in the meantime.

So after breakfast and much “Happy Father’s Day!” shouting and birthday songs being sung by some elated albeit slightly confused children, we got into the car to go for lunch at a dim sum restaurant and this is what we saw at the top of our driveway….

A MASSIVE tree had fallen down across our driveway and crushed our gate. And then on further inspection, we saw it wasn’t just one but three trees which came down like dominos!

Apparently there were 100 kmh gales last night caused by a vicious storm and half of the peninsula is, as I’m typing this, still without electricity… It was the worst storm and flooding since 1993, we found out as we turned on the news later.

Here you can see part of our wooden gate which separates the front of our land from the walking trail and main road outside. The gate was smashed to bits in a few places.

My first thoughts were to calculate our available food rations in the fridge and the chest freezer as we seemed to be completely cut off from the outside world. I figured we’d have two weeks before we started eating Milo.

However, Mark thought that he could clear an alternative path with a chainsaw.

So we put on The Aristocats DVD for the two little ones in the car and got to work hacking through the bush to get to the main road. After about 20 minutes, we were free and Mark valiantly drove us in the trusty Toyota Kakadu to victory and a doughy dim sum lunch. On the way, we passed by three fire engines working to clear the roads from fallen trees. It looked a cyclone had ravaged the peninsula!

Then this afternoon, while the kids napped, Mark and I took a chainsaw, axe and heavy duty pruning shears to the trees and managed to clear most of the driveway save for one massive tree which is still across it, but at least now we have a tiny portion which allows my car to squeeze through (under the tree!). It was backbreakingly hard work getting pricked by the outrageously thorny shrubs and dragging all those trees out of the way, but there was also something curiously satisfying about hearing the brittle branches snap under my wellies.

Mark said, that’s life in the country, you never know what random event is going to happen that changes the course of your day. That’s part of the magic apparently.

I’m just recuperating from my efforts with a cup of camomile tea now. Happy Father’s Day, my country boy!



2 thoughts on “If a tree falls in a forest on Father’s Day, does it make a sound?

  1. Very impressive how the two of you hacked enough wood so you can drive out! Dim sum is a strong motivator.

  2. Sam: “You know what’s really awesome? That he has a CHAINSAW and he can use it! That’s a dream of mine.”

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