An abundance of spring pleasures

I’m quite excited these days. Every morning when I wake up, there’s a new surprise in the garden, another magnolia tree that’s burst into showy profusion, the apricot tree in the orchard that’s suddenly sprouted exquisite little blossoms running down every branch. Spring is finally here, and it is just delightful.

This is the view from our bedroom window.

TThe kids are loving splashing in the mud in their gumboots. Finn’s latest craze going “offroading” in his little beemer – that’s the small creek outside our bedroom that has widened into quite a fast flowing river recently after huge storms (more on that later)…

These are the trees in the orchard which are just about to spring into life

Messing in the orchard – we’re about to fill it with chickens once it gets a bit warmer…

Mark getting his tools in order…

Finn trying to spearfish yabbies

This weekend I armed myself with my trusty orange secateurs and filled the house with magnolia blossoms and daphne cuttings. Then we burnt all the dried lavender stalks from last summer in the fireplace and the house was perfumed with this divine lavender, firewood and eucalyptus wood scent. Having little rituals to acknowledge the seasons is something I really love, having missed out on a lifetime of seasons in Singapore!



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